Fundraiser Sports Stop

Great for Fundraisers

As an organizer of a fundraising event or organization, there is no easier way organize your big day.  If you're having an event, use it to organize tee shirts for your volunteers, giveaway prizes for your participants and as a way to generate additional fund for your charity.

For organizations, use it as a fundraising campaign, setting your own prices and choosing the items that will work best for your strategy.

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have your own Online Store

More people than ever are viewing your company online. Give them a simple, no hassle way to purchase your company's branded merchandise and accessories.  Your company or team can have its own store, without having to worry about inventory, production or collecting payment.  You'll get the wholesale price and be able to set your own margins.

Sports Stop

share your brand

We believe apparel is the best chance to advertise the company you are proud of!  There's nothing better than seeing people showcasing your business in their outfits.

Once your Store is live, you'll have a link you can share everywhere, one that you can  encourage your customers to share as well.

  • Add the link on your website
  • Share it on social media
  • Share it in your email newsletter